Monday, March 2, 2009

Well, Gpa Danny was here this past weekend to help with some home improvement projects.  First up, put in a new light in my bathroom.  I can finally see in there!  Maybe a little TOO well (shaving my legs was an eye opening experience! yikes!  Was that too much information?  Sorry!).  I would have taken a picture, but I'm thinking that a posed picture of me wearing my sunglasses in the bathroom would be much more fun than just a picture of a light.  So you'll have to wait.  Next up was putting in a storage cabinet under our center island.  I have no idea why they didn't do that in the first place, but oh well.  First Gpa took the boards off of one side.  As the boards started coming off, we kept finding that there was a bunch of crap stowed away in there.  A mug.  An empty beer bottle.  Some magazines.  A lot of dirt and dust.  Annnnd....wait for it.....a letter!  Before they had gotten all the boards off I joked that it would be funny if there was a letter - sure enough - a letter complete with pictures!  It was written by our neighbor Robbie who built the house.  Basically, it was meant to be a time capsule of sorts that he expected wouldn't be found for 100 years.  3 years later, its in our hands.  It was definitely my laugh for the day!  Now I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to tell him that we found his letter.  Not that we see him or talk to him much, but it should still be amusing when the time comes.  You'll see the envelope that the letter was in below.  

Dylan checking out the crap stowed away in the island.
The infamous letter (its infamous now, right?)
Dylan got out his vacuum to clean up the mess!
Here he is helping Gpa!
I contributed by making a tasty lunch.  
And here you will see that Gma Puppy has been replaced as the goalie.  I even got yelled at yesterday after Gpa had left to "get off of Gpa's goalie ball!"  Geez!  

I'll take pics of the completed cabinet next week.  Gpa is coming back next weekend (and bringing Gma Kim too) to install the doors of the cabinet, so I figured I'd wait on pics of it.  

Well, I think that's it for now.  Eric is gone to the cities for work again, so we're all alone.  It will probably be pretty boring and we have no way to escape the house either!  The Trailblazer died yesterday (hopefully the doctor can bring him back to life!) so Eric had to take Libby to Mpls.  Hopefully we don't need to get to town for any reason!  Spoze we could steal Larry's car!  ha!  

Alright, thats it for real this time.  Later!

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  1. shoot!! How can I already have been replaced as goalie!! LOL!! I thought it was OUR special game, Dylan!! XXXXXX Gma Puppy