Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bump Watch!

Well here I am in all my glory at 25 weeks pregnant.  14 weeks to go!  We have a date tentatively set for the c-section now  - May 29th.  It all depends on the doctor's schedule, so its not set in stone.  But at least an end is in site!  All is going well though.  She has been kicking up a storm lately and has started to kick back when I tap at her.  My blood sugar continues to be normal, so that's good.  Its probably my daily exercise!  I really am starting to think that if diabetics wanted to be off insulin, all they'd have to do is move their asses a bit more!  

Auntie Kelli was here for a visit this past weekend. Dylan is sick, so he's been laying around a bit more the past few days.  So Kelli got some rare snuggle time in with him.  She's up next on the cold "hit list."  First it was Gma Puppy, then Dylan, then me and she could be next!  Muahahhahahaha!!!  Dylan and I are still coughing up a storm and hoping that its not bronchitis, cuz thats what Gma Puppy apparently has.  So far, I haven't had any other symptoms other than a cough.  Dylan's had a runny nose and cough.  Who knows!  Hopefully it goes away soon though b/c its hard seeing him sick.  This is actually his very first cold if you can believe that!  
Sorry these are out of order - not my fault blogger sucks!  Here is Dylan at Gma and Gpa Puppy's house last week.  I made him a Cars blanket that he was pretty excited about.  He doesn't even sleep with his beloved "super blankies" anymore!  I can't help but feel a little sad for them! 
And finally, here is Eric on last Tuesday night after getting 2 wisdom teeth pulled.  We went in Tuesday morning and I honestly had no idea what to expect.  I barely remember any of the instructions they gave me after he came out of the surgery because I was so distracted by how he looked and how he was acting!!  He looked AWFUL and he was being even weirder than he normally is!  I was seriously batting back tears if I'm being honest!  And my next realization was, "There is no way in hell I'm getting my wisdom teeth out now!"  He is doing better now though.  Only the bottom one that he had pulled is bothering him.  That was the impacted one that had to be cut out.  He can't open his mouth very wide, but at least the swelling has gone down.  He had a pretty puffy cheek for a few days though!  He is looking forward to meeting once again with his true love - chips.  Just after he came out of the surgery room (and while he was all groggy and saying weird things to me) the doctor was telling us that he was to have no chips, nuts or popcorn for 2 weeks.  Eric's reaction was one of pure horror.  "NO CHIPS?!" he exclaimed as best he could with his swollen cheeks and ice bagged head.  Couldn't help but laugh at that one.  
Other news - the snow blower was fixed and then went on the fritz again.  Something about a shaft being broken.  I'm scratching my head cuz I have no idea what that means.  Good thing we're coming up on March when we typically get heavy wet snow!  haha!  Most of our old snow is about gone now though.  Only a few dirty inches remain.  And the ice houses are slowly trickling off the lake now.  Good riddance!  I can't wait to look out and see nothing but flowing open water!  

I think thats it for updates.  Please remember to check out our daily picture website at this address: www.shuttercal/calendar/dylansmom.  I update it with a new picture every day (or every other day, as a disclaimer for those who are sticklers on details) so that is a more current and updated representation of our daily lives than this blog is.  Seems I'm always finding something new to take on and other things get pushed off to the wayside.  Geez, hope that doesn't spell trouble for Dylan!  ha ha!  Only kidding!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Well I enjoyed my short trip there!! I wish I could've stayed longer!! It was nice to get in cuddle time!! I hope I'm not next on the cold hit list...I might have a little stronger immune system...come on I take care of sick people all the time for clinicals! I'm excited I got to feel lil' rasberry kick....tell her next time I want her to be more active!! I hope you guys start feeling better asap!! Start drinking your Vit C!!

  2. Lookin good Mama! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. More importantly, who is NightRanger? I think its someone WEIRD.

  4. that you Eric disguised as the "NIGHT RANGER." You poor, poor sickos. Kelli will be getting the cold...she gets everything! Hopefully you didn't have a creepy doc like me big brother. Big kisses and snuggles for my DD and the new little chicka who looks to be growing quite well! We miss you and hope you all are feeling better soon.

  5. I would like to comment that I've yet to get sick!!! And I don't catch everything anymore!