Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picture time!

Thought I'd post 2 DAYS IN A ROW cuz I have some pictures to share!
Dylan has been fighting his naps lately and has passed out on the couch or on me 2 times this week.  Hopefully this isn't a pattern.  Made for a sweet picture tho!  Such an angel!
And I finished his room this morning with the completion of the stripes on the road.  He is making this face b/c he didn't want to pose for a picture.  I asked him if he liked it his cool new road and he said, "Yes.  Its totally awesome Mom!"  Why thank you Dylan.

Thats it!


  1. Cute pics of D!!! I love the new room!! Can't wait to see it all decorated!! You guys sure have been having lots of company lately!!! LUCKY....No one comes to visit me:(

  2. that looks great! and how cute is he sleeping on the couch???

  3. How cute is he???!!! Your race tracks are looking awesome. Can you come decorate for me?

  4. Fun pics. D is sure getting big. Is he sleeping in his new room yet?? Miss you guys!!