Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Weekly Weekend Wrap up!

Well, Gpa Danny and Gma Kim were here this weekend.  Gpa needed to wrap up the cupboard project and he did just that.  Dylan had fun helping him with it.  Gma helped me finish up some painting.  The pics of us doing that were NOT cute, so I will not be posting them.  
Here I am making use of the extra kitchen storage! Sweeeeeet.  Thanks Danny!
We went to a lovely new restaurant this morning in Garrison (it has a weird, unmemorable name, so I can't throw out a plug for them) that everyone must come visit.  The Mexican omelette was excellent.  As was the bacon, according to Kim.  They also have a giant walleye in Garrison.  All excellent photo ops for our ShutterCal and of course, no camera was with.  An excuse to go back, I say!  After Gpa and Gma left, we went outside to play.  Eric had been saying he was going to make a Mommy snowman to go with the Daddy and Dylan snowmen.  She, of course, had to have a pregnant belly.  It wouldn't have been right if she didn't.  So I posed with her.  I am 27 weeks today, so am in the 3rd trimester.  
And here is yet another attempt at a family photo.  Eric just had to ruin it by turning around at the last moment and Dylan stood right in front of his snowman.  We took another one, but of course by that point, Dylan had flown the coop so the 2nd pic didn't turn out either.
And finally, we walked down to the bridge in search of the otter.  As we were walking up, we saw him on the ice so I turned on my camera, zoomed in and took the pic.  We took a few more steps and he jumped back in.  Jerk!  So this is the zoomed in pic courtesy of iPhoto.  Best I could do.  
Thats it!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. sounds like a productive wknd!! how nice to have more storage space and more painting done--nursery?? love the preggers snolady!! and the 3 of you too!!
    Miss you!! XXXXX

  2. Well looks like you guys had a fun weekend!! Did you get the playroom finished?? How about my purple pantry?? I love the family pic, I wish I could've seen D's snowman!! I really love the preggo snow-woman!! My brother is an artist...that's all i have to say about that!! I hope you guys have a great week!!

  3. Love the new storage area. Gpa Danny is so handy! Did you pick out colors for the she room yet? If so, let me know the exact ones. :)