Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As you can see here, Dylan's sand arrived yesterday!  Here are a few pics of him seeing it being dumped with Ingrid.

King of the Sand Pile with Daddy!

DD and his new "pumpkalins"
And finally, the bridge is finally arriving!  All we have been hearing so far today is "beep beep beep" from semis backing up.  3 giant pieces came yesterday and many more are arriving today.  Exciting times around here right now!  Eric is in the cities, so you'll have to wait on the "first dump of sand" post.  I guess I shouldnt have mentioned it, cuz now you'll all be waiting by your computers to see it go down.  Patience, my pets, patience.


  1. Look at all that sand. That's a lot of trips to the lake. Remember... keep track.

  2. yes, i was expecting the first dump of sand pic cuz there was a full wheelbarrow of sand and eric is standing right by it. in the cities, you say? lies! i bet you have the whole beach done you just don't want to show us, cuz you are afraid of a stampede of beach- goers.

  3. Wow!! that's a whole lot of sand to move in a week!! and BTW I'm reeeaally starting to dislike Ingrid!!