Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Weekend

Well we are back after our weekend in the cities.  It was a good weekend and Dylan had lots of fun with cousins Nattie and Daniel and their cousins Jensen and Jameson.  I think he gets bored playing with just Eric and I, so he seemed pretty happy the whole time.  Well, not the whole time.  He didn't get very much sleep on Friday night (too excited? not at home? who knows!) which made Saturday morning's trip to the Renaissance Festival kinda interesting.  He had a meltdown when he realized that Daddy was not allowed to ride on the butterfly ride with him.  Eric promptly stomped out of there with him.  I'm pretty sure the Renaissance Festival will not be visited by Mr. Wikoff ever again.  He was not impressed.  Natalie, Jon, Tommy and I had fun tho.  Natalie spent a good chunk of change on rides and got lots of treats, so she was happy.  Oh and she didn't have to use the Privies either, so that was good (thank goodness for training diapers, right?!).  We all enjoyed the costumes, the old turtle, the bubble lady and the food.  It was a bit chilly out this weekend, so the wenches were all buttoned up this time around.  Uncle Jon was pretty disappointed by that.  Oh well tho - what can ya do?  Maybe next year we can go sans children, right Jon?

Dylan also enjoyed Natalie's 3rd birthday party.  He liked the present opening and the cake the most.  "I want budday cake!  I want budday cake!"  If he wasn't excited for his own party in a couple weeks, he is now!  Cuz he had a lot of fun!

Well not much more to report right now.  Chuck premieres tonight, so we're pretty jazzed about that.  We'll be taking a hot tub and then watchin' us some TV!  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!! Will you be making the journey for Channy's bday extravaganza?? I am pumped for Chuck as well!! I am watching him now in fact, as I do homework, and cuddle under a warm warm blankie!!

  2. Cool, I've always wanted to go to the midevil festival. We have heat on it is cold.