Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vitamix in the house!

I am having trouble believing there is actually a Vitamix on my counter!!  Its not an optical illusion - I really did get one!  FINALLY!

DSC 6528

And my Green Monster has never been more smooth!  Yesterday's GM included ground flaxseed, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, frozen mangos and pineapple, 2 heaping handfuls of spinach and a frozen banana.  Seriously amazing.  I can't get over how smooth it was.  LOVING my Vitamix!

DSC 6529

Loving this guy too.  Not sure why we were taking his picture with his shades on in the house, but oh well.

DSC 6531

These next pics are for Grandma Tone Loc.  This was my swimsuit when I was little.  And here is Avos modeling it so nicely.

DSC 6533

It fits her like a glove right now, so I don't think she'll be wearing it for long.  Better late than never!

DSC 6538DSC 6539DSC 6540DSC 6542DSC 6544

And here they are for their morning cartoon with all (?) of Avery's babies.  Creepy Baby is the one in the middle.  Avery just scored a ton of baby clothes from my old babies, so she's been in heaven dressing them up.  Side note - check out how tan these children are already!  We've hardly had any sun!  They are clearly our children as Eric and I turn into island natives each summer.  Soon we'll be a family Sullivan Lake natives!

DSC 6547

Have a lovely day!  I'm hoping the sun makes a rare appearance here today! : )

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  1. Oooooh she looks just like you!!!! XXX and maybe it will fit all summer (minus a diaper??!!)I especially love the one where she's inspecting her toes! Such a handsome little model D makes, hand on hip and all!!! Glad I found the suit and the doll clothes for her-----see the rummage sale wasn't all bad!! And creepy baby IS creepy!! XXXX Gma Tone Loc