Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rink is open!

Phew!  Its been a busy few days.  I FINALLY have our Christmas letter and collage all set to go.  Now for addressing the envelopes – my favorite.  NOT!  But at least the letter and collage are done – that was definitely the tough part!  And for those who are curious – Millicent did an outstanding job writing the letter this year.  All I did was proofread it. Wink  As for the collage though, I have bad news.  Well, bad news AND good news.  Good news is that there IS a collage.  There almost wasn’t.  I almost went the photo card route.  Almost.  That was until I saw how insanely expensive they are!  Geez!  Nearly a buck a card?  What?!  You must all be loaded because I get a lot of those cards from you all! Though, to be fair, you all probably were not going with the 5+ picture opening ones – you know how I love things to be picture heavy!  So anyway, there IS a collage.  However, you will not be receiving it in your mailbox and also, it is not as grand as it has been in previous years.  Nona (my geriatric Mac) is slow and feeble now and not able to take on such a big project (need to use Photoshop to do such a masterpiece) so I had to resort to using a different (inferior) program on the Jalopey.  Therefore, you will find that the collage is subpar.  But, I do what I can.  And until I come up with a way to buy myself a shiny new Nona, subpar collages and possibly no more birthday dvds is what we have to look forward to.  Or not look forward to. Confused  Serious – think the birthday videos might have ended with Dylan’s last birthday.  Nona is not well, people.  Not well at all.  Sigh.


On to the next topic!  The ice rink!  The ice rink is now open for business people!  Come one, come all to the greatest home rink of all!  I’d say we have skates for everyone, but we don’t!  We did have some, but Eric didn’t want to “store them” so he threw them away!  So it’s BYOS, people!  Don’t all come at once.  It’s not a huge rink.  It can accommodate a few of you and no more.  Though, I doubt I’ll see any takers.  Doesn’t it look fun though?


DSC_2956 DSC_2945 DSC_2946 DSC_2947 DSC_2948 DSC_2949 DSC_2950 DSC_2951 DSC_2952 DSC_2953 DSC_2954 DSC_2955 So we’ll see you all later today then?  Wink

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  1. Man!1 That boy and his Poppy do like the ice!! Always makes me smile when I look at them!! xxx
    So why are you addressing envelopes if the collages aren't coming in the mail???