Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goo Goo for Gaga

Good evening!  The boys are outside playing baseball and Avery is tucked into bed, so I thought I’d post a new blog for your reading enjoyment. 

Lady Gaga was on the Today Show on Friday morning, so we had it on for the kids to dance to.  They love to dance to Gaga, so when I turned it on, Dylan was definitely intrigued.  Not just because he was familiar with the tunes, but because of Lady Gaga’s appearance.  He kept asking lots of questions - “whats on her head?”  “What is all over face?”  “Why is she dancing funny?”  “Who are those weird people with her?”  and so on.  I guess he wasn’t TOO freaked out by her though, because later he asked me if we could watch it again.  : )  Recently, Avery was having a meltdown in the car and Dylan started singing a tune to cheer her up.  It was his own words, but to the tune of “Paparazzi.”  Eric and I were both chuckling away.  Apparently we listen to Gaga too much!   So here they are watching the show:



“WHAT is she DOING????”

DSC_8805 DSC_8806                               

Avery being dramatic.  She was throwing her head back.  All for dramatic effect.  She does it well.                          


Never without a finger point!


Playing outside.  She had been smiling until I got the camera out.  Story of my life lately.




Here they are in the hot tub earlier this evening.  Avery has just finished cutting THREE teeth at once.  1 lower incisor and 2 molars!  And there is 1 more lower incisor that is still beneath the surface.  So she’s been pretty moody the last couple days.  Glad that they are finally through tho!  Anyway, she was feeling crabby and wanted out of the tub.  Thats so unlike her!  Normally she wants to swim, swim, swim.  Dylan stayed in for quite awhile longer.  He probably should have gotten out when she did b/c he ended up drinking too much pool water and then throwing up all over his dinner after he got out of the tub.  He was most concerned about his ruined pizza.  Gets that from me! 

 DSC_8818 DSC_8820 DSC_8821                                  

And finally, here is the solution Eric came up with to our stair problem.  Its a box made out of floor mats that we no longer use!  He just loves to recycle!  Ha!  And then on the side is an old crib mattress.  So far its been working good.  Fingers crossed that it KEEPS working!                       


Well, that’s all for now!   G’nite!


  1. Gaga! LOL. I like some of her songs too. I was surprised when Natalie started to sing one. Apparently she heard it at daycare. I do have a couple on iTunes, so I'll play them for her now.

  2. E- gads!! Gaga!! cute!! good summertime fun!! see you soon!!