Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amateur Cookie Eater

Well, first things first -  Avery doing what she does best lately – CLIMB.  She hasn’t felt very well the past few days because of her new teeth coming in, but when her baby Motrin was working, she was busy, busy, busy.  I went to go do something and came back into the room to find her on Dylan’s kitchen stool trying to get the puffers down off the counter.  She was quite pleased with her skills.

 DSC_8837 DSC_8838                                                

You can tell she knows she’s up to no good.  We see that little smirk on her face quite often.


As for Dylan – I’ve just been trying to keep him busy while he waits for camping.  He is BEYOND excited and talks about it nonstop.  I hate to think of how he’ll feel when its all over, but then again, he’ll probably be too tired to care.  Anyway, here he is playing with Eric’s old He-Man toys.  Sorry Uncle Tommy – these aren’t your long lost toys.  Eric’s mother had Eric’s toys in a marked box instead of hidden in a wall of a junky old cabin.  Perhaps he’ll let you play with them, though?


Remember this guy, Tommy?  Rarrrr! DSC_8845 DSC_8848                   

And finally – what do you think – amateur cookie eater or amateur mother?  I’ve been feeling so bad for her the past few days since she’s been in so much pain.  She hasn’t been eating much and has been pretty fussy.  So I decided to treat her to a cookie.  I’m not sure if she even liked it.  I thought if anything, she’d at least be eating SOMETHING.  Instead, she decided to wear her cookie.  Oh well.  She looked cute anyway and was placed in the bath tub upon completion of this photoshoot.   DSC_8850 DSC_8851 DSC_8853 DSC_8857 DSC_8860                    

She was examining the chocolate on her fingers here.  “Hmmm what IS this?”  Before I gave her the cookie, I asked her if she wanted one and it was like, “Um, what’s a cookie, Mom?”  And no, she is NOT deprived of sweets.  I guess we just don’t make cookies all that often!          DSC_8861                  

Well, that’s all for now.  Not sure if there will be a post tomorrow before we leave or not.  Fitness Friday is going to be set up to automatically post.  I wouldn’t leave you all hangin!  I know you are just dying to read about fitness!


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