Friday, March 5, 2010

This is at the sea turtle rescue center. Dylan enjoyed the turtles so much that we had to go back and visit them a second time. He absorbed a lot of information on this trip. He keeps talking about going back to "his condo" and doing this and that. The turtles and dolphins were probably the highlights for him.
Here we are on the dolphin watch boat. Avery was napping at the time and its a good thing she didn't come b/c it was COLD! The dolphin's were neat to see though. And Dylan enjoyed seeing all the fish that they dragged up with a net. He got to touch several of them too.
And here is our family picture the night before we had to leave to come back home.
Darn bulldozers ruined our photo op here! (tracks)
Well, thats it. There are more pics on Facebook, but if you don't have FB - thats your problem!

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  1. I just checked and was surprised to see a Wikoff blog!!! glad Dylan and Tiki had a good trip!!! XXXX