Friday, March 5, 2010

South Padre Island vacation

We went on vacation at the end of February. Our first vacation as a family. Actually, our first vacation for any of us! Eric told the kids they should be happy to get to see the ocean at such a young age. He had to wait until he was 30 to do so. Here is Dylan checking out the ocean for the first time:
He LOVED the beach. He would run and run and run. He also liked playing in the surf, throwing sand and practicing writing his letters in the sand.
Here we are on our daily beach walk. Dylan often went more than once.
Here is Miss Avery in her first swimsuit. She loves the water, so it was a given that she would enjoy swimming in a pool.
More pics in another post. Picasa is lame-o and only lets me upload 4 pics at a time.

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