Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekly wrap up!

So since I have less time for this now, its going to be called a "weekly" wrap up. Not sure how different that is from the "weekend" wrap up, but just go with it (shush Danny). As usual, we will be using pics to document the week.

Dylan and Squares chillin' in her chair.
He is quite obsessed with his baby sister.
Squares first boat ride. The pics of me and my post partum boobs were awful and therefore, will not be seen here or anywhere. Ever.
Avery enjoying her first pontoon cruise!
Cute pic of Dylan and Daddy swimming.

Playin' trucks in the sand.
Avery is getting bigger?
The first wall of the garage going up!
Squares in her favorite swing!

This garage is going to be smashing! All the walls are now up and the sheeting was started. Now we are just waiting for the roof parts. Trusses. Is that how its spelled?

And finally, Avery's first real bath. Clearly, she was not a fan. She needed it tho. Poor thing is already getting the "second child shaft." No pics have been printed and framed of her, she is allowed to go a week without being bathed and she is often left to cry for longer than 10 seconds. Mama is busy, dang it! Well, Dylan is begging me to come play cars, so thats all I have for ya this week. Avery is sleeping, so we better take advantage.


  1. I know what you mean about the second child shaft...Jaden's feeling that one too! I'm also with you on the PP boobs...All pictures of me are promptly deleted.

    Avery is cute...She just looks so long and skinny in her 2 week picture.

  2. I agree with you and Licia on the 2nd child syndrome. poor Caleb pretty much does what Avery and Jaden do too. Is it bad that he cries most of the day?!?! :) Not really, but you know what I mean. And I only wish I had boobs I could delete. HA! mine have officially shrunk down now that I'm done. boo. That was the only great part!

    and I agree. Avery looks beautiful! and she has some long legs! Hello Rockettes!! Is that what they are called??