Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 week old!

Miss A is one week old today!  So I thought that an update was in order!  Here are some pics documenting her first week.  Check out our shuttercal later on for her weekly pic.  I'd take it right now and update, but the slug is sleeping (still on China time, not Central time) so it will have to wait until later.  Enjoy!
Clearly she has her father's feet - long and skinny!
In the hospital with her mommy.
Our yellow girl and her big brother.
Time to go home!
Avery going into her house for the first time.  Also, take note of the new cement!  
Taking a little snooze.
She looks just like her big brother did when he first came home from the hospital.
I think we have an identical picture of Dylan.  Same chair and what looks like the same person!
Dylan holding his baby sister.
The proud big brother.
Avery and her two favorite guys!
She really didn't look this yellow in person, I swear!
Dylan being silly with his sister!

He was busy checking our her clodhoppers!
Geez thats a big foot! 
I'll kiss it!

Thats it for pictures for now.  Avery had to go back to the hospital on Monday evening for jaundice.  Her billirubin levels were too high and she needed photo light therapy. It was way more traumatic for me than it was for her.  However, she did NOT enjoy the numerous heel pricks that were required to test her levels many times.  She got her first tanning sessions in tho!  Complete with eye patches to protect her eyes.   Her levels went down enough to go home on Tuesday morning, so that was a relief.  I wasn't too happy to be back staying in the hospital.  This time it wasn't as "vacation" like.  We were in the same room, so it felt like it should have been the same.  This time they didn't bring me food and ask me over and over again if I needed anything.  Jerks!  I did get some sleep though, so I guess I can't complain too much.  6 hours is an AMAZING amount of sleep, I tell you!  Last night, I accidently slept through Avery's night time feeding meaning we both got a full 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Whoops!  She didn't seem to mind though.  I had assumed that she would wake up and ask to eat, but she didn't so its her own fault!  Guess I better set an alarm from now on.  Anyway, we are enjoying her immensely and happy to have our family complete.  Dylan loves his sister a lot and keeps tabs on her every move.  "Where'd Avery go?"  "What's Avery doin?"  Its cute to see them together.  Well, its about time for the next feeding, so I better go wake up my little China doll!


  1. She is beautiful. and Dylan looks like he loves her tons! aww! Luke had to go back in for jaundice too, and you are right....it was way harder on me than on him. He didn't even know what was going on except that he was super cozy and warm! LOL. Glad she is home and doing well. and 6 hours!?!? I'm jealous!

  2. Tricia...She's so cute! 6 hours, that's awesome, I WISH! Dylan is so cute with her and I agree that her feet look big. What a cutie!

  3. She truly is a little peanut!! Hope D is adjusting to the changes well. It looks like he loves her!

  4. She sure is a little sweetheart!! I love her to pieces!! I miss snuggling w/ her already!! Thanks for letting me come down and stay! I didn't get hit by a cannon on my way home!!

  5. ADORABLE!! What a peanut! Yep, looks like you'll have two little buds. Sounds like things are going Great! Congrats!