Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up Time!

Well, the pictures are all out of order thanks to Blogger's crappy uploader!  So bear with me!
Here is DD the boat captain.  To see another pic of him driving the boat, check out our shuttercal webpage!
The boys enjoying the views on Platte Lake (the lake connected to our lake)
Dylan has wanted to play a game of croquet for the past few days.  Today he finally got his wish!
He hits with his mallet very similar to how he hits with a hockey stick - you really have to WATCH OUT.
Here's one of my purdy flowers. (click on this one, its spectacular up close!)
And here is Miss Avery and I on the boat (thanks Blogger for uploading out of order!)
37 weeks pregnant today.  Many days to go (more on that in a bit) before Avery arrives.
Here is Dylan a few days ago marching towards the bridge.  I thought he looked so tall and grown up, so that's why I posted this pic.  Eric was in Illinois, so it was just him and I.  As you can see, he's about 10 paces ahead of me.  Apparently my waddle is too slow!
Here they are trying to blast away the silt that is around our dock and swimming area.  (by the looks of their outfits, one would think it's fall weather outside!  It was.  The weather has been very lame around here lately.)
And here is Dylan making his mom a sand castle.  What a nice boy!

Alright, no more pics.  Blogger is such crap.  Anyway, as I said up above, Miss Avery will be staying in Casa de Mom a bit longer than we expected.  The dang doctor and the Brainerd Hospital pulled a fast one on me (changed their c-section policy - I must be OVER 39 weeks pregnant to have one and my old date of May 29th was 2 days shy of that) and added 6 more days to my sentence.  So as of now (and I'm not holding my breath that this date sticks either!), Avery's new birthday is set for June 4th.  Clearly, I'm not happy about doing this for an extra 6 days, but I will if I have to.  I think in the long run, Avery would be happy to have a June birthday instead of a stinky May birthday.  So really, her mother should just suck it up and deal.  Who knows, she could still surprise us and pick her own birthday, right?!  So for the next 17 days, I'm going to TRY to be zen mama.  Take this time to enjoy my son and my husband and our sleep.  Because once she arrives, all hell will be breaking loose!  Did I mention that they are pouring the cement for our new garage starting on June 4th?  Oh yeah.  Its going to be good times around here.  Once the cement is poured, garage construction will begin and Daddy will mysteriously disappear leaving.....Zombie Mom to care for the children.  Zombie mom is coming!  Zombie mom is coming!  AHHHH!!! Run for your lives!  Does anyone want to come visit?  I swear it will be fun!  Zombie Mom might say some really whacked out stuff and from what I hear - she mixes a mean martini!  Come on, people!  You know you want to!  We have a lovely guest suite! : )

Well, thats it for now.  See ya next week!


  1. Hi ZM!! enjoyed the pics, enlarged most of them and almost seemed like I was there!! loved the one of D walking down the road. Will be curious to find out "the date" for sure on Tues.!!! see you soon!!

  2. OOOOO Zombie Mom sounds kinda scary!! Loved the were right, the flower one was spectacular! Be Zen...Zombie. As usual D is pretty darn funny!