Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend 2009

Well we had one semi nice day before we went up north for Mother's Day (and by nice, I mean, it didn't rain) so Dylan and I spent some time outside "relaxin'" together.  Here are a couple pics of that.  

And here are some pics from Kelli's graduation from nursing school.  Dylan was reunited with his Honduran cousins Reed, Ella and Addi and got to see cousin "Easter" again too.  The babies put on quite a show for the onlookers that were there.  

Addi and Easton hammin' it up together!

And here is Mother's Day.  I look so glorious without makeup (and this is even retouched - yikes!), so thanks to my husband for taking this picture!  HA.  There were many more of me, but they were just too scary to post.  Anywho, here I am with my card and Egg McDanny.
And here are my 36 week belly pics.  18 more days to go!

Thanks for stoppin' by!  Don't forget to check out our shuttercal too from time to time!  That has a new pic daily and I know some of you are just jonzin' for pics of the Wikoff Family!  I mean, who wouldn't be?!?!


  1. thanx for the wknd wrap-up!! looks like it was a busy one----love seeing the cousin kids photos!! they will all have such fun growing up together!!! XXXX

  2. Thanks again for coming to my graduation!!! It was nice to have everone there (minus Chandler and Ryan). Did you get all of your flowers planted?? Can't wait to see you guys again.....prolly won't be til Ms. A is born! I got her some outfits today!!!