Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our last weekend... a threesome has just come and gone!  We took lots of pics and here are a few of them.
D playing on his swingset
He's been pretty photogenic these days.  The sunshine always makes for great photos tho.
I was peeking thru the railing and he thought that was hilarious!  I know, I try.
On Saturday we went to Brainerd to pick up a few supplies for the garage and for the yard.  Dylan's reward for putting up with all the errands was a stop at his favorite park in Brainerd.
Now that he has his own swingset and slide at home, he's been a lot more brave and willing to go down on his own.  Finally!

A lovely dragonfly.  They must have just hatched cuz they were ALL OVER THE PLACE on Saturday.  Mux was enjoying trying to murder them and I think Eric was wanting to murder her.  He loves them, you see.
And on Sunday morning, we woke up to find in the Sunday paper that we had been ripped off royally by Menards and Cub Foods (items bought on Saturday were on sale on Sunday), so we decided to go back to Brainerd and collect our money.  Cub Foods sucks, they wouldnt give me the difference so screw them!  And Menards tried to give us the runaround, but in the end we got it straightened out.  But then we ended up spending that saved money on a lovely new paver border for by our front patio!  Eric keeps saying that this is my 1st anniversary present b/c it was "my" idea to do this.  However, I only came up with the wood chip idea.  The pavers were his idea.  So does this mean that this is my gift to him as well!?  I think so!  HA!  Take that Eric! The progress he made on them is down lower....  
And here's D in the tub.  He likes to lay down in there now and listen to the water running and then after the water is off he likes to pretend he can't hear us.  "What'd you say Mommy?  WHAT?!"  
This side got completed.  
This side, not so much.  It started raining and also, as usual, we didn't have enough pavers, wood chips, etc.  And, as you can see, we need more perennials Gma Puppy, so don't forget to bring them!!!  Its coming along nicely tho.  I like it.  Good work landscaper Eric!  A+!

Well, I suppose our next blog will be about Miss Avery's arrival.  She will be arriving on Wednesday, June 3rd.  Time is TBA.  They won't let us know until Tuesday sometime.  So I guess you'll all just have to check back for updates on her.  I don't know how well the internet connection will be at the hospital, but since they seem to think that I have to stay there for days upon days due to my c-section - HOPEFULLY the internet will cooperate enough so I can update during my copious amounts of free time in my cell.  We shall see.  Anywho, wish me luck!  Am getting nervous about the surgery, but am ready to be done with pregnancy.  For good.  : )  

Thats all for now!  Later!


  1. enjoyed "Dylan's last wknd as an only child" pics and all Eric's good work on the landscaping!! Yes, the plants are all dug up and drooping hoping to be planted soon!!

  2. Have fun on your last few days as a family of three plus cat.