Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

It seems our beautiful weather has come to an end for the weekend, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to update the blog.  How lucky for all of you!  We had gorgeous weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - high 70's, sunny and no wind!  Summer is finally here it seems!  So we spent a good portion of the weekend outside enjoying it.  Our friends Erika and Josh came up for a visit too.  Dylan had fun making everyone play on his new swingset and for the first time this year - his pool came out!  Here are some pics from the weekend:
He wanted me to take his picture, so I obliged.
Again, he is posing just for me!
Here we are on Pontunia! (with Erika and Josh)
Dylan going down his new slide.  Its super fast, so it took awhile for him to get brave enough to go it alone.  I went down it and nearly belly flopped - which would NOT have been good!  The swing set is not fully complete in this pic.  The decorative crap on the roof had not yet been installed.  Some stakes were also attached later on - not that this necessarily needs staking.  
And here is D climbing the rock wall.  The decorative crap and the stakes are now in place.

Dylan going down the slide without someone catching him!  Progress!
Josh supervising Eric putting the stakes in.
The yard.  Summer is so much nicer than winter, me thinks!
Dylan's pool finally got to come out!  
And here is my 38 week belly photo.  Thanks Dylan for displaying that sweet set of bunnies for the picture!  Avery is still nice and snug in there.  Her new birthday is June 3rd.  I would say "mark your calendars" but who knows if the date will stick.  I'll believe its her birthday when she is actually born that day.  So if you want to write it in in PENCIL, go for it.  I don't really feel like I'm at week 38.  I remember week 38 being A LOT more unpleasant the last time.  My only real gripe right now is the constant peeing - seriously CANNOT wait to have my bladder TO MY SELF.  Other than that, just chillin' and waiting for Miss A!  

Well, thats it for now.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm loving the little boy bottom in your bump pic!! Dylan is so photogenic and has the cutest smiles. I miss that bubbly little man. Reed and Ella look forward to joining him for playtime on the new playset. Looks like lots of fun!! Hope your last few days go well. Bladder relief is on its way!!

  2. hey Tricia! you are looking great for 38 weeks...but I guess youare 39 now. :) Avery will be here so soon....can't wait to get that phone call that she is actually coming!! and oh my word! what an awesome swing set! Luke told me he is jealous....