Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Since it was such a long winter (fingers crossed that its OVER.  However, I am switching out the winter bedding for the summer bedding in the guest room today, so surely that will jinx it and it will snow next week.), we've been spending a lot more time outside the past few days.  And of course, I had to document it all with pictures.  I noticed there was a request to see the loons (I was getting to it, Ryan) so here they are!  I couldn't get all 40+ to pose together, so here is a picture of one group of them.  There is also a pic of some pelicans that were here yesterday morning swimming around.  

Eric lovin' his loons.
DD lovin' the outdoors and his beach.
Peein' off the dock is cool!  Even Milly wanted to check it out!
Avery wanted her picture taken outside too.  Best I could do, baby girl!
Here are the loonies!
Here are the pelicans!
D and Daddy playing ball!

Thats it for today!  I'm sure there will be more pictures in the coming days as its supposed to be nice outside until Friday!  There's talk of a cool down tho for next week, so you know thats got me all crabby.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  


  1. oh happy spring!!! Man. I've never seen that many loons all at once!!! now you start lovin' livin' at the lake again!!

  2. you have such a beautiful property! I wish I could see it in person...i'm sure those pictures don't do it justice. :)