Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Picture Extravaganza!

We were up at Gma and Gpa Wikoff's for Easter weekend.  Dylan had a good time showing off his potty skills, jibber jabbering to everyone, playing with his cousin Easton and running around pants-less pretty much the entire weekend.  We went to Happy Joes on Friday for a pizza party in his honor.  Its important to celebrate peeing in the potty chair with pizza.  Again.
Here he is man-handling his cousin Easton (or Easter, as he likes to call him).
 Here are some of the partygoers.  Thanks Kacie for showing some enthusiasm!
More lovin' for Easter.
Playing on the choo-choo outside of Happy Joes.  This was supposed to upload as a B/W photo, but you know blogger.  grrrrrrrrrrrr
The next day, Dylan had to show off his hockey skills for Gpa and Eddie.  His slapshot is still very scary.  I stayed clear of the game and for good reason.  
And he of course had to get very dirty playing on the mushy wet beach.  Notice how these suckers still have ice on the lake!  ha ha!
And finally, here are the pictures from Easter.  
I don't know why, but Eric felt the need to stick his thumb on my boob for the picture.  Nice.
Here I was trying to get Dylan to cooperate for a mother/son photo b/c of our coordinated shirts.  He wasn't having any of it.  So this is the most decent pic that was taken.  The rest of the pics he is either lying on the floor crying or he is in my arms arching his back away from me.  He is so nice!
And here he is looking for the eggs from the Easter bunny.  They were hard boiled eggs, so that was a bit weird.  Clearly, not my idea.
Sweet!  My Easter basket!
OOOOH the honorable Doc Hudson/Hudson Hornet!
Open it Daddy!
And here's Easton, enjoying his goodies from the bunny.
The Hanson Family and their love egg.
My deviled eggs.  A must have for any family get together.  Loved by all.
Well, thats it for pictures for today.  This blogger takes waaaaaay too long to upload and I've had enough.  But before I go, Eric wants everyone to know that Dylan peed off the dock this afternoon, it was 60 degrees outside today and he saw 43 loons out in front of our dock.  I can vouch for all 3 things.  However, I did not go out and count the loons, so we'll just have to take his word for it.  But I did hear them loooooooonin' at each other.  (insert your best loon call here).

Thats it for now!  Later!


  1. loved the pics!! fun to see D with Easter, and their nice little fam. Looks like a good time was had by all!! think the pic of you and D was very good!! I'm jealous of all the loons---hope they all stick around so I can make their aquaintance!!

  2. Wait a minute! Where are the pics of the 43 Loons?? Is this like the snow geese that were actually swans? And are you sure they weren't Cormorants?