Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Part I

It's Memorial Day weekend again!  We're up at Loon Lodge (my parents cabin on White Earth Lake) with Jon, Natalie and Daniel.  Renae stayed home to work on her garden.  But I busted her on Facebook yesterday - she went kayaking on Lake Calhoun yesterday instead!  Totally just outed ya on my blog Renae! Ha ha!  THe people must know the truth!  Her loss though - the times here are fun even tho the weather is crappy.  The food has also been awesome - as usual!

Here the kids are taking turns being Grandma's sous chefs.

DSC 6792DSC 6793

Avery used her turns as opportunities to shove food in her mouth.

DSC 6808

The boys were so proud of themselves for helping themselves to the bread with cheese spread.

DSC 6811DSC 6815

They got sick of helping and moved on to the back bedroom for some cousin shenanigans.  I peeked my head in at one point to see what they were doing and make sure that no one was doing anything too dangerous and overheard Natalie say, "Take what you want!  Just don't hurt me!" in quite the dramatic fashion.  We have no idea where she got that from, but we all thought it was pretty funny.

DSC 6821DSC 6829

The weather has been cold and rainy.  Ya know, the usual. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

DSC 6832

We were only able to go outside for a small window of time because of random showers passing thru.

DSC 6835

And people ate all the original treats we had on hand, so I decided we had to do something about that!  So Natalie and I set out to make some Chocolate Chip cookies - recipe courtesy of the Lodge Lady Linda.

DSC 0640

Bummer - the picture is blurry.  Amateur photographer was at the wheel.  Its a shame - cuz Natalie is sporting one of my Mom's old prom dresses.  She wore it ALL AFTERNOON.  I'm not sure why cuz they are ITCHY!  Anyway, cookies WERE good.  But unfortunately they are nearly gone.  PIGS!

DSC 0641

Well, I will most likely have more food pics later.  Hopefully I get some outdoor shots today but right now its not looking good.  Summer, its okay now.  You can come!  Its time!  Don't be scared!  Come on, little summer, just know you want to!

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