Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey!  It’s the new year! And I’m only getting around to posting a new post

on the 3rd!  I hope this is not an indication of things to come! Wink  I honestly had nothing to tell you the last few days.  We were in Fargo until yesterday afternoon and then I was dead tired last night.  And like I said – nothing to say!

So it’s good to be home!  And what is even better is knowing that we are going to be home for a nice long stretch!  Ahhhhhh.  I’m a homebody, so I enjoy big blocks of home time.  While I love December and the holidays and family gatherings – I love nothing more than just being at home with my people.  And sleeping in my own bed.  Ahhhh, my bed.  We slept until 7:45am this morning! Surprised  This is UNHEARD of.  I don’t KNOW the last time I slept in that late.  I wasn’t up at my normal 5 am workout time because I planned on just working out at the gym today instead.  So the kids were the alarm clock and that alarm didn’t go off until then!  Crazy!  But needed, I guess.  I think we were all pretty tired.  It was a school day today though, so we had to scramble to get out the door in time.  Eric didn’t work today, so that helped.  Then when we got back from town, I started taking down Christmas.  Crying  I already miss the decor!  And I think the kids do too.  Especially Avery who is still calling out for “Tanta” on a regular basis.  While I did that though, I had bread baking in the bread machine!  Woot woot!  Today’s selection was "Burrito Bread” from the Better Homes and Garden Bread Machine book that Lingy lent me before they left for Mexico (Hi Lingy!  How’s the weather?!).  It smelled freaking awesome in here!  It called for cheese, onion, and refried beans to be put into the dough…which is what made me want to make it.  Can’t go wrong with those three ingredients.  Also made the super awesome Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup to pair it with so between the two – it smelled pretty spectacular in here today. 
DSC_3845   Buuuurrrrrritttoooo bread!DSC_3840  It didn’t have as much flavor as I’d hoped it would.  Still good though.  And tasted awesome dipped in the soup.  Clearly.DSC_3842   Before I hit the couch for a little Bachelor viewing (don’t pretend like you aren’t watching it) – please remember to check out my Shuttercal page.  I don’t know…might need some serious support to keep this thing going this time.  365 days of food?!  Can I really do this?!

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