Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rotten Tomatoes

Someone tell me what is going on with these tomatoes!  Thats seven (plus one more that I found this evening) that are not going to be in my belly at some point!  Grrrrrrrrr.   DSC_9131




My neighbor thinks its some sort of fungus.  Gross!   DSC_9132

I still have a TON of tomatoes on these 2 plants, but still!   DSC_9133

Ah well, what can you do?  Make waffles, I say!  I got these at Teal’s in Cass Lake (of all places, Teals has this pancake mix – who would have thought that!  Seriously!) and we whipped up the flapjacks on Grandpa Puppy’s new grill/griddle combo while we were camping.  And since we LOVE waffles around here – I couldn’t wait til Pancake Saturday to try out the waffle version (we flip flop between waffles and pancakes on Saturdays).  Well, they were everything I thought they would be.  So delicious!  Look em up online – they are very nutritious and have all natural ingredients.   


I’m kinda bummed I didn’t take a fancified picture of our waffles like the ones on the website!  Mine looks so sad sitting there with no fun toppings!  I assure you there were toppings and I probably could have dolled it up with fresh raspberries or something.  Next time maybe.DSC_9142

Here’s one of my satisfied customers.  She never lets me down though.  She will eat most anything I throw her way unless there is a nasty little tooth bothering her.  Waffles were not going to be an exception.   DSC_9147

Grandma Toni is going to say she looks like her Auntie Susan.  I think she kinda does in these photos!  If only we had a pic of baby Susan to put next to these!











Well, that’s all for now.  Tomorrow I will most likely have pictures of a very exciting project that had been on hold for several months but is back on track now.  Can anyone guess what it is?  (For a hint: look at the picture of the pancake box)

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  1. Have the tomatoes gotten too much water? I'm not really sure what will cause rot.