Friday, April 30, 2010

Wrappin' up April!

Holy moly! Where did April go?! I better get crackin' on some April blog posts then!

Well, I was inspired to write a blog post after a boring evening found me paging thru the old blog posts from the last 11 months. Avery is 11 months old in a few days and its amazing how fast the year has gone. She's sick right now with a cold and getting a couple new teeth, so she's been wanting to be held a lot. The other night at 3am, she woke up crying and I went in and rocked with her. She laid her head down and snuggled right in. It brought me right back to when she was an infant, wanting constant touch from me. I never thought I would EVER get her to detach herself from my boobs, our bed, my arms, the sleepy wrap. The dark first months of her life are lonnnng gone now, but sitting with her at 3am made me remember it all. She's come so far since then. I've missed snuggling with her, so I didn't mind. I think 8 months ago, I never would have forseen that I would MISS having her want me so much of the time. She is still needy now, but in a different way. Now its more of a "I want your attention on me at all times b/c I'm the princess" kind of neediness. And she has that down pat. She still has her "high needs" moments, but its just a part of what makes her Avery. She's fiesty and knows what she likes and doesnt like. She lets her brother know when she's mad at him and often bites him when he invades her personal space for too long. She loves to chase down the cat and give her a good whack or two. She already throws temper tantrums when she doesnt get her way or get to do what she wants. I found her half way up the stairs recently (oops!) and when I took her down, she started to scream, shake from head to toe, turned tomato red and shook her fists in anger. She recently started walking, but its funny - in true Avery fashion - its like she CHOOSES to NOT walk. She CAN, we've seen her - but for now, she mostly still crawls. When I make her walk, she will do it for a little while and then she just gets mad and sits down. This might be because she's not feeling well tho, we'll see. She really is a funny little thing. She has the brightest smile, the cutest little laugh and a personality that we've truly grown to love! We love our Avey baby! : )

I'd post pics, but I'm feeling lazy. Perhaps tomorrow. Then I'll have my May post done! Sweet!

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  1. you just couldn't believe it when I told you "during those first dark months" that it flies by so quickly and then they don't need you to snuggle them anymore!! However, each new chapter is fun and you are making wonderful memories with your little princess!! XXXXX