Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas, fans! Instead of starting at the beginning, may I ask you to scroll down to the bottom of this post? Blogger still uploads pictures backwards and I didn't feel like exerting a ton of brain power. I am in a food coma, after all. So please, scroll to the bottom and work your way up.

19. Well, I apologize if there are a lot of mistakes and spaces and numbers out of order. Its hard working with this crappy website. Especially when you have no mouse and you are using a PC. They are just not good.

Well, thats it from me! Hope you all had a great Christmas and we'll see you in January. I hope!
19. And finally, Avery watching the sword fight and being glad that shes immobile and protected by her dad. She's not a big sword fighting fan.

18. Sword fighting with Gpa. I'm not sure if anyone won. I know those of us who were NOT playing didn't enjoy it. WHACK! ow!

17. Dylan opening his stocking.

17. Avery enjoying a new toy from Auntie Kacie, Uncle Fast Eddie and Easter Bunny Hanson.

16. Dylan oo-ing and ah-ing at a shirt he received.

15. Out of order, but oh well. The fam again.

The Christmas tree. It had a rough beginning, what with falling out of the pickup and all.

13. Avery's first time in tights! I pitied her. Poor thing - tights suck! Dylan got to wear sweatpants to church b/c according to him, "these pants are too floppy!" He was talking about his jeans. Clearly, we have him in sweatpants too often.

11. Avery having fun in her saucer

10. The Fam. Eric just HAD to sit like that. Not to mention that he has no pants on.

8. How come no one wiped this boy's face? Geez.
7. All the cousins with Gma and Gpa

6. At Maple Lake - all the cousins posing together in front of the tree at Gma's request.

6. Dad joined him on the ice to help him and film him with our new Flip! (my xmas present)
5. Slappin the puck around on the ice

4. Avery hanging with mom and watching her big brother skate!

3.Dylan before he got on the ice for his first hockey practice.
2. Dylan opening more presents. Not sure what was in this one, but I'm sure it was awesome!

1. Start here. Well, before we left for the Wikoff Family Christmas at Maple Lake, we opened presents at home. Dylan was pretty excited to receive this new hockey stick. He's quite the skater now!

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