Monday, September 21, 2009

Its 1999 again!

Guess who's driving a CR-V again? Me! I'm the proud new owner of a 2004 Mojave Mist Honda CR-V( In 1999, I drove a 1998 Honda CR-V - color: green.) Anyway, we shall be calling him Mojavier. Or Mojave. Is that the correct spelling, Eric? I guessed. We got Mojavier from my parents. Eric cleaned him up really, really well and he is now free of dirt, grime and dog smell. Dylan and Avery seem to like him, so thats good. Now that I'm typing that he is a "he" I'm not so sure. Might be a she. I'll have to think on that.
We went to the zoo yesterday in Little Falls. Dylan really enjoyed it. Avery even seemed to enjoy herself. No crying at all! Here is a funny progression of photos. Dylan was chasing down a group of peacocks when finally he got one cornered. She didn't appreciate it. Heres what happened:
Here he is yelling, "Mom! Theres one right in front of you! He's smiling! Get his picture!"
Bound and determined to GET THAT PEACOCK!
WHOA! Peacocks FLY!!?
He left them alone after that. Right before he chased them down, he decided that he had to pee and just whipped it out right there at the zoo. Eric was walking a ways behind us with Avery in the Bjorn carrier and promptly turned around when he saw D peeing and pretended like he didn't know us. I hope that no one saw!

Here's your Avery update: We've started sleep training her again. Its not going very well. She cries and cries and cries. If you go in and check on her, you'll find that shes curled up on her side, eyes shut, mouth open and little sobs are coming out of her mouth. Almost like shes crying in her sleep. I'm trying to remain hopeful that it will start working soon, but I dont know. Shes tough. Last night though, she slept for an hour by herself! A miracle! So heres to hoping it happens more and more. Poor little thing needs her sleep! I was reading on a website that high needs babies should really be called, "sleep deprived babies" b/c thats probably whats causing them to be so high needs. Probably true for Miss A. She sleeps like crap.

Well, since Avery is up crying in her bed, Dylan is begging me to come play, so I must end this. Please check out our Shuttercal for more recent photos of the Wikoff fam! Adios!


  1. Congrats on the vehicle!! I told Libby and she cried (well not sure if she cried or if it was the rain.....hmm) She's excited to meet your new friend. I love the zoo story...both of them about peeing and the peacock....that is definately a Dylan pulling a Steve-O! Loved the pictures of squares, she's such a purdy lil' lady!! I'm hoping she starts doing better w/ the sleep training!! Can't wait to see ya guys on D's bday!! I can taste the pizza!!

  2. LOL!!!! You've gotta love Dylan! I bet he has a whole new take on birdies. Good luck with the sleep training and enjoy your new friend he/she looks nice!