Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things we have learned this week...

1. The stomach flu sucks - pregnant or not.  Eric and I both got the stomach flu earlier this week and it was NOT FUN.  I got it first and stayed locked upstairs to prevent contamination to the boys.  No such luck.  12 hours later, Eric was also praying to the porcelain gods.  Luckily, Dylan never got it.  I couldn't imagine him having to have gone through it - the thought of my little boy throwing up and experiencing really awful stomach cramps was making me feel even more sick!  

2. Soy milk is really not that bad.   I started drinking it since I always feel like having milk and cannot cuz of the GD  (I still have milk, just not as much) and it really tastes kinda good.  I know that you are probably thinking, "gross!" (hi Auntie Kelli!) but really - its quite alright.  I know that my mom and Gpa Danny agree.  However, if I am ever out - I will NOT be using coffee creamer in its place.

3. Going potty for stickers is not all its cracked up to be.  Even a good Lightning McQueen sticker isn't enough to persuade Dylan to actually use the potty.  He gets the concept, but I have a feeling he's waiting until the prize gets bigger.  Hmmm......this is a thought.  I might have to run with that.  To him, a "big" prize is a 4 dollar "Cars" car.  Consider it done, D.

4. Trying out a new hair lady isn't so bad.  I decided to just bite the bullet and make a hair appointment with someone new.  I guess this is farewell to Kelsey, my hair lady in the cities.  I went to a place in Brainerd that was really quite cool.  Its in an old mansion and it feels like you are getting your hair cut in someone's house - someone really cool's house.  Everywhere you look there is an interesting quote or picture or paint color and of course, the fabulous Aveda and Bumble and Bumble hair product lines.  Good God how I wish I would have found me a hundred dollar bill on the way in there to get the BB Thickening shampoo and conditioner.  Oh well.  Anyway, it went well.  Theres also a pilates/yoga studio in the upstairs of the place - might have to try that out as well.  Well, once I am no longer with child of course.

5. This one is the most important lesson I have learned this week.  NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances, should you EVER leave nearly 7,000 photographs on your computer for over a year and then expect them to just go right on to discs nice and smoothly with no problems.  Alright, so this is what happened.  I made this resolution with myself (like I do every year!) to get all the pics from the last year off of my computer before I start uploading the newest ones from this new year (that is probably where I went wrong - should probably start taking them off every month or, but im lazy).  My computer had been running slow, so I was like, "alright, you are doing this NOW woman!"  So I get started and its going fine - slowly taking them off - 400 pics at a time or so.  Then, when the pics taken with my Nikon begin - a problem arises.  After I dumped each batch onto my computer and deleted them from my memory card, it would start over again at pic# 00001.  So, in short, I had about 200 different pics that were labeled, "00001," "00002," and so on.  (Yes, I can hear you laughing in Shakopee, Jon and Renae and yes, I changed the option on my camera to make it stop doing that.  I just didnt know this was going to create such a problem!) Heres the problem - when you are going to put them onto a disc, a lovely little prompt will pop up saying, "another file called "00001" already exists.  Would you like to replace it?"  Your only choices are Yes or No.  If you pick YES then it replaces the pic you already have on the disc you are filling with the latest "00001" and so on. If you pick NO, it doesn't do anything.  Doesn't put any pics on the disc.  Soooooo I started the annoying process of renaming all the files (found out after a few hours of doing this that you can just re-label the entire batch with ONE click - information I could have used HOURS ago).  But renaming them isn't enough apparently, because once you try to load them onto a disc again, it still reads them as their old title (00001, etc).  KILL ME.  So after wasting several hours on this stupid project, I threw in the towel.  I did manage to get all but 1,900 pics off of my computer, so it was a start at least.  

6. And lastly, your bump actually CAN be smaller your second pregnancy!  I was such a moo at this point last time it's not even funny.  (Don't make me dig out the pictures - I definitely DON'T need another fight with this computer).  Anyway, here are my 20 week pics.  Eric is sooo good at capturing me looking my best.  NOT!  We even had to do a re-take cuz the first batch were really bad (ya know, half of my head cut off, no feet, etc).  So, have a looksy (or not, if you are my brother who is weirded out by my belly)!


  1. Tricia you look great!! and definetly carrying high. so a girl was a right on guess! I love your new hair too. and learned a lot this week. I think I need to sit down and blog about what we learn at our house a few times a month so we can remember all the good stuff. heehee.

  2. man oh man--NTS I would never be able to do any of that with pictures!! hope I never have to try!! Hey, when I'm there in Feb. maybe I could get my hairs done and we can goto the Christmas store??