Friday, January 9, 2009

Mama's intuition was right!

IT'S A GIRL!!!  We had our ultrasound this morning and here are a few of the pics of our little girl.  We have no picture of her "lack of parts" b/c she was very active and wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture.  But we clearly saw between her legs a couple of times and she is definitely a GIRL!  Everything is looking very good with her and she is measuring right on schedule.  Dylan liked seeing her at first, but then said, "I don't like that baby!  Lets go!"  Clearly, he had had enough of that room.  We'll see what he really thinks of his little sister in a few months.  

I have no idea why the pics have a yellow tint cuz I didn't do that to them.  Oh well.  Anyway, the first pic is of her face/profile and she was swallowing in that pic.  The second is of her face/profile as well.  And the last pic is the bottom of one of her feet.  NO, she does NOT have 10 toes - her foot was just in motion when the pic was taken.  She's a busy gal in there!

Coming soon....20 week bump pics....


  1. ooooh I think she's a doll with a cute little turned up nose!! can't wait to meet her!!xxxxxxxxxx

  2. She is beautiful Tricia! congrats on a little girl. I wanna know names now! esp since I won't be able to ever use my girl names....

  3. Yipee!!! Addi and her new cousin will get to teach Easton how to play with barbies!!! We're so excited for you guys!!