Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday's News

Today has been a very boring day so far.  We woke up to find that Lake Dylan is back cuz it rained all night long and has rained most of the day today.  Dylan took one look at Lake Dylan and said, "I want to run through it!"  And I started to say, "No..." and hes goes, "I'd get alllll wet!"  Yep, yep you would.  So we're inside today.  Eric is still in Boston, so when Dylan asks where Daddy is, I keep saying, "He's in Boston.  Boston, Massachusetts."  So then he repeats it and says Massachusetts perfectly!  Hilarious!  He told me that Daddy went to the Brainerd airport and went to Massachusetts.  Such a funny boy.  Lately he has been singing the entire alphabet to us, which is pretty cute.  Especially when he gets to the last part and says, "Now Dylan knows his a,b,c's..."  He has also gotten pretty good at counting and can count to ten without help.  I'm thinking he probably can count higher than that, but won't do it in front of us.  God forbid we know he can count!  If you ask him to count or sing the abc's he wont do it on command.  But if you wait a bit until he thinks you aren't listening anymore, he'll start singing or counting.  

Well, not much more to report from today.  I took some pics of Lake Dylan, but I don't feel like fighting with blogger to get them uploaded.  Oh well.  You'll all live.  If you saw the pictures of the flooding in our yard in June, just picture that.  Only this time, there are leaves floating in Lake Dylan.  OH and also there is a streak of water where the wheelbarrow made its many, many trips.  

Thats all for now!


  1. what a smart little grandson we have!! I remember Nattie would do the same thing when asked to sing the alphabet song and I know she practiced her #s on her own and then one day she just started counting the things on the refridge for her Mama!!
    Hope Lake Dylan is all gone by this wknd or it could get messy!!

  2. Well I can't wait to hear him talk!Heck half the time I can't even say Massachusetts properly, so that's pretty amazing!I hope that your lake w/ the two rivers is gone by the time i get there cuz we need to play a lil' croquet this time!!

  3. DD it's almost your birfday! How awesome is that. Next time I see you, we'll have to have some Lulucakes for you and Channy. Have a happy Birfday!