Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dylan's Birthday Party!

Sorry for the delay in posting!  Was recuperating from the weekend!  Heres a few pics from the party!

Party people!
Everyone watching DD's birthday DVD.
Who blew up all those balloons?
We learned our lesson here - things like this must be opened LAST or the rest of the presents might not get opened.  Or at least in a timely fashion.
Balloons are fascinating, aren't they Daniel?
Budday cake time!

Not my best effort, but oh well.
I think he had a good time!

And finally, we pulled a funny.  It didn't turn out as funny as we had hoped tho.  Apparently, people are too good to look surprised!  There was supposed to be looks of shock and excitement on their face when they found out that we are expecting a new baby in June.  !!!  I bet you all are picking your jaws up off the floor, why couldn't they?!  Ruin a good picture why don't you all!?!  See, Kelli is playing it cool, Renae is slightly shocked, my mom is faking it, Eric's dad has a silly smile, so perhaps he was surprised, Jon is just a weirdo, Natalie has no clue, my dad already knew, Tommy is also playing it cool and the only person who wins a prize here is Gma Kim.  A genuine look of surprise and excitement from her!  She wins!  

Anyway, cats out of the bag.  Am feeling somewhat more ill than last time.  I didn't have any morning sickness with Dylan, but have had some this time.  The past few days have been a little rough.  But for once, I am feeling ok, so I thought I'd put out a new post for you all.  And my what a post it is!  Ok, now everyone shower me with questions and congratulations!  


  1. hey, come on, I had been practicing my surprised look!! I think I was quite good!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon---and we are very excited!!!

  2. With my CSI ability, I had already called this pregnancy, however, Congratulations. We can't wait to meet the baby girl.

  3. Well you know how me and Lisa were texting you the weekend before so it wasn't quite the suprise!! But CONGRATS!! I can't wait to meet the new little one....three in one year....me and lulu better look out as there seems to be something in the water! When you start working on names let me know!!

  4. Love the pic...I definitely thought you would get different reactions!


  5. (makes surprised face) what?!? you're pregnant?!? why didn't you tell me??? just kidding. looks like dylsie had a fun party! impressive cake!

  6. I MADE my jaw hit the floor...just for you. Even though I already knew. CONGRATS MAMA!